WordPress Child Theme Generators

Quickly and easily generate a child theme for your current WordPress theme or create a child theme for popular themes like the Genesis Framework, Astra, Storefront and more...

Custom Child Theme Generator
The parent theme of your custom child theme. Usually the same as the folder name. No spaces.
Your custom child theme name.
Your custom child theme file name and also used for translation. * no spaces.
Optional. More than likely, your name or company name.
Optional. Your email address. * WP Child Themes does not save your email address.
Optional. Possibly your website, company website, or your client's website.
WordPress Child Themes

Why Use a Child Theme?

It is bad practice to edit your theme's files directly. If the author decides to make an update or if you have auto-update enabled (whether you know it or not) the edits you have made in the parent theme will be gone.

Using a WordPress child theme for your parent theme allows you to make changes that will remain intact after any updates made to the parent theme.

WP Child Themes suggest you make it a habit of creating a child theme for your parent theme at the beginning of every new WordPress site you create. So use a free child theme generator from WP Child Themes.

Popular WordPress Themes

Quick Child Theme Generators

A few popular WordPress themes with dedicated child theme generators. If you need to create a child theme for a different theme, use the custom child theme generator.

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